For the guide
​live audio

Voice AI Cloud is a smart tour solution for guides.
Instead of inconvenient transceivers, AI-based applications
Enjoy a convenient voice sharing guide!

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HD Audio

through noise filtering
By eliminating ambient noise
​Enjoy Live HD Audio

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Guide service

No special equipment required
using a smartphone
AI Live Audio Platform

Convenient guide services
such as real-time group messages,
attendance management

Your own audio room

Representative image, title, place, and description

Create your own live audio room,

Invite attendees through QR code or messenger sharing!

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HD Audio

No ambient noise through noise filtering

Enjoy vivid and clear

​Premium HD Live Audio

Guide history

Past events, ongoing events,

Until upcoming events

​You can check all of your guide history

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Attendee Management

You can check and invite within the audio room.

Attendees in attendance and attendees waiting

Even group messages available in real time!

Start convenient live audio
with Voice AI Cloud

Ttravel guide
​Transceiver without noise

Docent / Curator
​1:N live audio 

​Premium Audio for My Customers

School teacher
Convenient with smartphone

Administrator / User
​Download User Manual

Administrator Guide

User's Manual

Voice Cloud's premium audio
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Service center

Do you have any questions about Voice Cloud?
If you have any questions, please contact the customer center.

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